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Type 2 Diabetes is on the increase and is currently in epidemic proportions.

It is a well known fact that type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease. The most frustrating aspect of this disease is that doctors are aware that often the most effective intervention would be a complete lifestyle change, however it is rare that a patient is able to achieve such a significant lifestyle change.

A study published in Diabetologia Journal on the 22nd of March 2011 showed that with the appropriate short term dietary change a type 2 diabetic condition can in some patients be reversed.  Professor Roy Taylor has published notes for doctors  and these can be found by following this link. For more detailed information published by the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital in conjunction with the Newcastle University follow this link.

Another study published in Diabetes Care on the 25th of March 2013 concluded that gastric banding is surgery which forces a dietary change by reducing food consumption and it is this reduction in food consumption which in 67% of patients causes a diabetic remission.

In the Journal of Diabetes Science & Technology in Volume 3, on the 6th of November 2009, a report was published which clearly shows that a plant based diet has beneficial effects of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. In addition a study published in Diabetes Care, volume 29, August 2006 showed that a low fat vegan diet achieved significantly better glycemic control than the ADA recommended diet.

In summary current research shows that a lifestyle change can normalise sugar levels.

The sugar issue should not be underestimated.

It is estimated that the average sugar consumption per person is around 26 teaspoons per day. There is nothing moderate about this volume of consumption. The question is why is this happening? Firstly our foods have changed. The majority of foods are now processed which simply means that they are loaded with processed sugars or simple carbohydrates which have a high GI. These foods are everywhere and in today’s modern world almost impossible to avoid.

There may be another reason. A study published in the Neuroscience and Behavioral Reviews Journal on 18th of May 2008 in Volume 32 concluded that the evidence showed that sugar can be addictive, and can in fact become a substance of abuse.

Considering that a large percentage of type 2 diabetic patients are overweight or obese there is no doubt that the high availability and consumption of processed sugars and foods is contributing to the current levels of type 2 diabetes and also the obesity epidemic.

Eliminating processed sugars and foods has a positive impact on weight reduction and also on normalising blood sugar levels. The question remains if it is possible to totally eliminate these types of foods and maintain long term compliancy to a whole foods, as grown, plant strong, non processed diet?

The Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Program is a 3 month intense lifestyle modification program.

Participants gain the following:

  • A solid understanding of the disease.
  • Why certain foods cause sugar levels to sky rocket.
  • Learn about the latest research into type 2 diabetes and diet.
  • Learn how to identify sugar elevating foods without having list.
  • Learn how to make healthy choices and how to reject unhealthy choices.
  • Be guided through a lifestyle change by an accredited Results trained coach.

The program facilitates a long term lifestyle change where all processed sugars and foods are eliminated from dietary intake. Participants are guided through the change where the consumption of as grown whole foods becomes their default diet. This change allows patients to normalise weight and most importantly gives them the best possible nutritional enviroment to normalise sugar levels.

For a type two diabetic this means the long term eradication of all problematic foods.

Because of the program my blood sugar normalised. I lost 14kg and I am feeling great. I now eat whole, as grown foods only and I don’t dream about putting anything else into my mouth. My doctor is very happy with my lifestyle change. My results show I am now healthy. ”

Frank – Hervery Bay.