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Diabetic Health Clinic Cinema

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Diabetic Health Clinic Videos

Changing the Health of Kilcoy Weekly Snapshots – Length Various

Let’s Change The Health Of Kilcoy – Length 7m:55s

Can You Imagine – Length 6m:54s

The Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Advertisement – Length 1m:33s

The Gift of Health – Length 22m:12s

Why attend the Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Program – Length 3m:46s

Health Regained, Nambour 2015 – Length 14m:52

Diabetic Health Clinic Landsborough, 2015 Program Reflections – Length 7m:22s

Breaking a 30 Day Juice Fast – Length 8m:43s

The First Meal – Length 6m:11s

The Conondale Range Great Walk – Length 1h:56m:23s

Do What You Want To Do – The Great Walk – Sunshine Coast – Length 55m:19s


Fat Sick And Nearly Dead – Length 1h:37m:13s

Super Juice Me! – Length 1h:25m:25s

Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes In 30 days – Length 1h:29m:59s


The Truth About Sugar – Length 58m:04s

Globesity – Fat’s New Frontier – Length 1h:19s

Raw Food Diet Documentary, Part 1 of 2 – Length 1h:40m:42S

The Men That Made Us Fat – Episode 1 – Length 58m:25s

The Men That Made Us Fat – Episode 2 – Length 58m:58s

The Men That Made Us Fat – Episode 3 – Length 58m:32s

The Secrets Of Sugar – Length 45m:13s

Short Documentaries

Sweet Poison – Length 13m:06s

The Skinny on Obesity – A Sweet Addiction – Length 7m:13s

Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction? – ABC Catalyst – Length 29m:19s

Toxic Sugar? – ABC Catalyst – Length 18m:02s

The Science Of Addictive Foods – Length 11m:12s

Digestion Of Processed Food – Length 4m:20s

Fast Food, Fat Profit: Obesity in America – Length 23m:14s

How Canola Oil Is Made – Length 5m:01s

A Chicken Farmer Speaks Out – Length 4m:59s

Costco Doesn’t Want You To Know What’s Wong With These Eggs – Length 3m:01s

News Reports

Type 2 Diabetes Is “Processed Food Disease” a CrossFit Interview – Length 31m:07s

CNN Reports On The Dangers Of Sugar With Dr. Robert Lustig – Length 5m:37s

Sugar 8 Times More Addictive Than Cocaine – Dr Mark Hyman on CBS – Length 3m:29s

Are You Addicted To Carbs? – A CBS News Report – Length 2m:56s

Is Sugar Toxic? – A 60 Minutes Report – Length 14m:09s

Reverse Diabetes With A Vegan Diet – My Fox Atlanta – Length 3m:58s

Dr. Pamela Peeke on Good Morning Britain – Sugar Addiction – Length 5m:51s

Wheat A Perfect Chronic Poison – CBS This Morning – Length 4m:55s

Overcoming Sugar Addiction – Fox 5 Report – Length 7m:32s

Inside Story – Diabetes: No longer the preserve of the rich? – Length 24m:40s

1 in 3 Adults In England On The Verge Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes – Length 2m:19s

BBC’s Jeremy Paxman interviews The President of Coca-Cola Europe – Length 5m:16s

Hooked On Junk – The Stream Aljazeera America – Length 39m:16s

Chicken McNuggets Contain Strange Fibres – Mike Adams – Length 5m:20s

Short Talks

What If We Were Wrong About Diabetes – Length 15m:59s

Sugar – The Elephant In The Kitchen – Dr Robert Lustig – Length 22m:23s

Healing Chronic Diseases – Dr Mark Hynman – Length 34m:25s

Just Juice for 60 Days – Length 7m:10s

Making Heart Attacks History – Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn – Length 14m:24s

Resolving The Health Care Crisis – Dr T. Colin Campbell – Length 18m:36s

Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes – Dr Michael Gregor – Length 4m:08s

Tackling Diabetes With A Bold New Dietary Approach – Length 18m:22s

Plant Based Nutrition – Length 9m:22s

Plant-Strong & Healthy Living: – Rip Esselstyn – Length 17m:59s

How cooking can change your life – Michael Pollen – Length 20m:17s

The Secrets of Food Marketing – Length 7m:00s

Animations of Unseeable Biology – Length 9m:8s

Are You Feeding Your Body Disease? – Length 21m:6s

Medical Lectures

The New Science of Sugar Addiction – Dr Nicole Avena – Length 21m:40s

Blood Sugar Basics by Dr. Berg – Length 19m:35s

How To Heal From Diabetes by Dr. John Bergman – Length 29m:15s

Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Dr Robert H. Lustig – Length 1h:29m:28s

Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0 by Dr Robert H. Lustig – Length 1h:26m:14s

Wheat The Unhealthy Whole Grain by Dr. William Davis – Length 1h:5m:33s

Abstract Videos

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes – Length 3m:45s

Sugar: Hiding In Plain Sight – Length 4m:3s

The Crazy Amount Of Sugar Hiding In Random Foods – Length 1m:11s

Diabetes Effects On The Body – Length 8m:41s

Sugar Is Killing Us – Length 3m:31s 

The Sugary Truth – Length 4m:35s

Obesity Advertisement – Length 1m:42s

The Inner Life Of The Cell – Length 3m:13s

What if Animals Ate Fast Food? – Length 1m:43s

The Most Inspiring Video You Will Ever Watch – Length 5m:10s

The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial – Length 2m:03s

If Milk Commercials Were Honest – Length 3m:34s

The Prescription for a Better Life – Length 1m:32s

Healthy Cowboys by Looney Tunes – Length 3m:35s