Newcastle Diabetes Support Group

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The Newcastle Diabtic Health Clinic was formed after the completion of the 2016 DHC Lifestyle Change Program.

The purpose of the “Newcastle Diabetes Support Group” is to help Newcastle become a “Healthy City”. Our aim is to help all diabetics residing in the Newcastle area, live a lifestyle that will allow them to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

As a group, we have made changes to our lifestyle that has had profound effects on our health and we want to, in a volunteering capacity help people that are struggling with the issues that we have overcome.

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The “Newcastle Group” meets on the first Sunday of every calendar month. Currently, we meet at 5.30pm.

We also may have additional exciting events like whole foods cooking classes, exersize sessions, additional lifestyle programs and many other exciting events all of which will be announced on this page. We encourage you to visit often to see all the events that are planned for our area.

We meet at the Warabrook Community Centre. 

Next Support Group Meeting Scheduled for the – 11th of February @ 5.30 pm

This month “The Secrets of Sugar”

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Newcastle Diabetic Support Group Facebook Feed

Karen Beauchamp shared Leaves of Healing Wholefood Farmacy's post to the group: Diabetic Health Clinic Newcastle Support Group. ...

Good morning Lake Macquarie, what a beautiful day we have woken to. Just wanting to share a little bit about our future plans for those who didn't make it to the opening. My name is Karen and I have Multiple Sclerosis....I was noncompliant with my Specialists orders and found recovery the natural way. How did I do this, it was easy once I found the truth about what good health is! Leaves of Healing is based on my recovery from MS. But this is only stage the moment we are in a pop-up shop waiting for our new premises to be built where "Swimart" is. Then we will be joining the wholefood farmacy with a salad bar which will also be used to teach cooking, and a medical centre. But our medical centre will promote prevention and treat the cause not just the symptoms! Yes there will be qualified medical doctors, nutritionist/dietitian, massage therapist, counsellor etc to treat and teach the same health message that I used in my recovery. We are excited about bringing this to Lake Macquarie and hope to meet you all soon.

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Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Education Program with Peter Pratt at Warabrook, NSW - Session 3. The topic presented tonight deals with the issues of blood sugar, insulin resistance, metabolism and obesity. The session will be repeated tomorrow (Sunday, 3rd Sep) at 3pm at the same venue - Warabrook Community Centre. ...

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Diabetic Health Clinic - A 12 week lifestyle change program coming to Newcastle again on Saturday 19th August, 7pm-9pm and Sunday 20th August 3pm-5pm. This program has changed lives of hundreds of people across Australia. It's completely free and it will benefit the diabetics, their families and friends and/or anyone who would like to improve their lifestyle, get over sugar addiction, lose weight, and boost their immune system. Booking is essential as the location where the program is run has a limited sitting capacity. Bookings: ...

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People suffering from diabetes or any lifestyle disease will greatly benefit by attending free community seminars by Dr Arlene Taylor ( at Warabrook Community Centre (6 Angophora Drive, Warabrook) from 6th to 8th of May 2017. Dr Taylor from California, USA, is a leading speaker on brain function and her subjects shall include: brain and immune system, the suicidal brain, staying healthier longer, and loss, grief and recovery strategies. Due to limited seating capacity all bookings should be made via David on 0412 851 310. ...

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Joy Ray shared Power of Positivity's You Really Are What You Eat to the group: Diabetic Health Clinic Newcastle Support Group. ...

They say you are what you eat, but I didn't know they literally meant it!

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A free Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programme will be run at Warabrook Community Centre, 6 Angophora Drive, Warabrook, NSW 2304, starting at the end of the month. An eight week programme was developed by Dr Neil Nedley ( and is run nationwide and internationally. The programme helps people to:
- Identify depression and its causes
- Improve their emotional intelligence
- Enhance their energy levels and mood
- Overcome depression through positive lifestyle choices
- Eat for optimal brain function
- Manage stress without stress
- Live above loss
- Improve brain function
- Defeat depression through right thinking, and
- Achieve peak mental performance.

Free information sessions will be run on:
Monday evening, 20th February, 2017, 7pm - 9pm
Tuesday morning, 21st February, 2107, 10am - 12noon
Venue: Warabrook Community Centre, 6 Angophora Drive, Warabrook, NSW 2304

To enquire or to register please call me (David) on 0412 851 310

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Greetings to all 2016 DHC attendees and friends. Just a brief reminder that our support group get together is due this Sunday (5th Feb) at 5:30pm at Hamilton Adventist Centre, Cnr of Lindsay & Steel Streets. If you were a part of either Hamilton or Boolaroo group you will most likely hear from Peter Pratt as well. The routine is the same. Bring a plate of non-processed plant based food and enough for a friend if you invite one. Everyone is welcome. I have organized a life style educator to give us a short lecture on an aspect of healthy life style. Hope to see you all there. David 🙂 ...

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Joy Ray shared Understanding Compassion's video to the group: Diabetic Health Clinic Newcastle Support Group. ...

Understanding Compassion <3 Understanding Hugs <3

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