Gympie Diabetes Support Group

History & Purpose History & Purpose
The Gympie Diabetic Health Clinic was formed after the completion of the 2017 DHC Lifestyle Change Program which concluded on the 14th of May.

The purpose of the “Gympie Diabetes Support Group” is to help Gympie become a “Healthy Town”. Our aim is to help all diabetics residing in the Gympie area live a lifestyle that will allow them to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

As a group, we have made changes to our lifestyle that have profound effects on our health and we want to, in a volunteering capacity, help people that are struggling with the issues that we have overcome.

Our MeetingsOur VenueGroup Contacts
The “Gympie Group” meets on the first Sunday of every calendar month. Currently, we meet at 5.00pm.

We also may have additional exciting events like whole foods cooking classes, exercise sessions, additional lifestyle programs and many other exciting events all of which will be announced on this page. We encourage you to visit often to see all the events that are planned for our area.

We meet at the SDA Church Hall. We would like to thank them for the generous donation of their venue.

  • Suzan: PH: 0401 161 363
  • Cathy PH: 0409 497 047

Next Support Group Meeting Scheduled for the – 3rd of June @ 5pm

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