The D.H.C. Lifestyle Program

Lifestyle Designed To Help Normalise Blood Sugar Levels

How to Support the Diabetic Health Clinic

There are three methods that you can use to support the program.

1.You can utilise PayPal. By using PayPal you can opt to use a credit card securely or your PayPal account to support the program.

2.You can utilise our bank account to make an internet banking deposit. The account information is as follows:
ING Direct
BSB: 923-100
Account Number: 30975878
3.You can send a cheque made out to:
Peter Pratt.
PO Box 5444,
Stafford Heights,
QLD. Australia. 4053.

The Diabetic Health Clinic is committed to changing lives through lifestyle change that allows people to return to a whole foods plant based diet with a long term compliance.

As you can imagine this is a life-changing experience.

For people that have completed the Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Change Program it means that their doctor has most likely taken them off their blood sugar lowering medications and within a short time and according to the blood tests, they are declared non diabetic.

The Diabetic Health Clinic is committed to understanding the mechanisms that facilitate this type of health change whilst providing any researchers that request data, access to our information in a effort to help people become healthy and chronic disease free.

Your support will ensure that more people will be able to make this change and become healthy once again.