StopThe Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Program is oocasionally run as a free community program. Being a free community program, organisations or community groups often want to advertise a scheduled program in their local area.

Any advertising that is published must be pre-approved by the Diabetic Health Clinic for the following reasons:

  1. The Diabetic Health Clinic does not diagnose or treat any diseases.
  2. The Diabetic Health Clinic provides a lifestyle modification program only.
  3. Every participant before commencing a lifestyle change must see their doctor who will advise whether a lifestyle change is appropriate and will asses whether a lifestyle change is safe.
  4. Each participant will the be monitored throughout the program by their doctor.

Any advertising that is published in any form of media or brochures must be worded in a way that will ensure that no misunderstanding can occur regarding the scope of the Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Program.

If you are wanting to advertise a program you will need to forward your proposed advertising to

Once the advertising is approved you will receive written permission to use the approved advertisement or if required you will be provided with a modified approved advertisement.