Upon commencing the Diabetic Clinic Lifestyle Program each participant is asked to read, understand and sign the following waiver:

AttentionBy signing I am indicating that I understand that the Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Program helps me change my lifestyle to one that will enable me to change my diet to a non-processed food diet and that this change does not replace my doctor or my current healthcare. I understand that it is the responsibility of my doctor to treat any conditions that I may have and that a dietary change may only support me in becoming healthier.

I understand that type 2 diabetes is a serious metabolic disease that is diagnosed and treated by my doctor. All other conditions and diseases that I may suffer from  are also diagnosed and treated by my doctor. Only my doctor prescribes the appropriate medications to provide me with the appropriate medical treatment. Changes in lifestyle and diet may change the way that any prescribed medications work. It is important that any lifestyle changes to naturally reduce blood sugar levels, or other, are monitored by my doctor. I understand that other conditions or diseases need to be monitored by my doctor while I am undertaking lifestyle changes. Only my doctor is qualified to advise me on the effects of medication and lifestyle changes, to monitor those changes and to alter prescribed medications. Before making any lifestyle changes I will consult my doctor.

The Diabetic Health Clinic provides a “Lifestyle Modification Program” only. This does not include changing, altering the quantities or modifying the prescription of any medications. The lifestyle change is based on returning to a un-modified or non processed food diet. This includes the elimination of factory made foods and a return to a whole foods, plant strong, as grown diet. It is the responsibility of your doctor to assess if such a diet is safe for you and applicable to your own health situation.

The lifestyle change period may, depending on your choice involve a period of juicing or clean eating where only non processed foods are consumed. I understand that if I choose either option, before I commence the period of juicing or clean eating I will need to ensure that my doctor approves my prefered choice after taking into account my health situation.  I understand that the Diabetic Health Clinic is unable to make an assessment whether such a period is appropriate for my health situation. 

I understand that Diabetic Health Clinic is unable to diagnose or treat my conditions and that the Diabetic Health Clinic and the Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Program cannot take responsibility for my health outcomes.