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The next Diabetic Health Clinic Presenter Program will commence on the 3rd of August at 7.30pm, 2017, Australian Eastern Standard Time or Brisbane Time. This program will be run via a tele-conference so you can attend from virtually anywhere.

We are now helping people present the life-changing DHC Lifestyle Program in their local communities. Our goal is to provide any person who is struggling with diabetes or other lifestyle related diseases to be able to attend locally a DHC lifestyle program. As a result of attending the program they change their lifestyle to one which eliminates unhealthy habits all of which are replaced with enjoyable healthy practices.

If you can see yourself helping people in your community then a great place to start is to watch the following video. It was made after the program was run is Newcastle Australia. It will provide you with a very clear picture of just how powerful and transformation the program is. It will also highlight just how powerful this program is when presented in a community. After you have watched the video there is additional information.

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